5 Step Office Makeover

My, my, it has been a while…

I have been here, there, everywhere, but mostly in my office!

So what is my excuse? Well, it’s a new office… a not from home office.

This office means work must be done before blogs.”THE” office.

Ok, I regress from the dramatics. 

I recently started a job back in August at Jacksonville University.

Academic Advising to be exact. YES, tis the office where life decisions are made.

Careers will be chosen, paths will be paved, some will make it to the finish line, and others….well, wont. – #Honesty

Let’s just hope they do. My office is the place where the journey begins. We see dreams come alive, passions set on fire, and the common career epiphany that arrives to us through a late night email. 

Anyways, this time I am truly done with my elaborate depiction. Moving on…

To get to the point, I have had plenty of time to give my office a makeover.

Pinterest has been a big influence and I wanted to share 5 steps that you can take to make your office look chic and unique!


#1. Get a Fab Desktop Background!

Stop looking at basic Windows default backgrounds.

It will truly brighten your day to have something fun!

My fav are Vera Bradley backgrounds, but you can always find other fancy designs on Pinterest as well.

Go Crazy! Make your background encouraging. Stop staring at your boring, bland screen.

Image: Verabradley.com

#2. Create! 

Creating is my all time, hands down stress reliever.

I don’t know about you, but looking at something I created inspires me to create more.

Tip – bring those lovely pieces of artwork to your office to display. It may even get your creative juices flowing.

The little piece of chic below cost me $10 to craft. A small amount of paint, some stencils, and of course my love for coffee inspired this creation. All materials were found at Michaels.


#3. Organize!

Hide the cords, get rid of clutter, de-stress that mess!

Check out a few daily organization essentials by clicking on the image below.

For anyone who finds themselves agitated and unsettled when their home is out of order, here are 8 organization essentials that help me keep clutter in check!

#4. PRINTABLES! You know why….

Hang them up, use them for organization, etc. etc. etc. They are AMAZING and super chic!

Inspiration needed? Visit the lovely blog below.


#5. Plants – You must try to keep something alive! You know you can…


Image: Buzzfeed.com

↑Happy Office Achieved↓




Frost Everything!

To Frost or not to frost?!


Our home has a coastal theme and I just love the look of sea glass bottles.

Last weekend, I stopped by Michael’s and picked up

Martha Stewart Glass PAINT Frost Translucent 

See below!


It was only $2.99 on sale!! I painted three glass wine bottles and bam! They look lovely.


Plus there is so much paint left over.

What else can I frost?!

Below are a few cute examples I found.

You can even cure the paint to make your masterpieces dishwasher safe!


Happy Frosting!

The Rule of 3 & Paint Almost Free!

Hello Beautiful!

We all have those friends right?! The ones that were given the sparkly thumb (and sometimes a green thumb) So not fair! It’s like everything they touch looks fab!

Well, I think I have found one of their secrets, definitely nothing to do with keeping nature alive, but their sparkly thumb secret!


Basically, its grouping no more than 3 items together or only having a variety of 3. Thanks Home Economics. Seriously, that would have been something easy to tell us. Click HERE and be enlightened!

I gave it a try and it worked!! Below you will find my $34 creation. I told you we were Chic and cheap here! I did some budget shopping and got the basket, 3 vases, 3 sets of flowers, and this pitcher 70% off at Michael’s!
Go before the summer sale ends and get your 50% OFF COUPON!


NEXT – Improve a room for less than $2!

How? Paint! CHALK PAINT!

I took this shabby brownish red ladder and transformed it in 45 minutes!

Chalk paint can be a little pricey in big containers, but thankfully you can find it in 2 oz bottles. This is perfect for small crafts! Since I was going for the weathered look I just slapped it on. No need to be perfect, no sanding, no waxing. You can always sand and wax, but I liked the way it looked without it. If you are wanting to cover a piece completely you may want to grab 2 – 2oz bottles.

The brand I used was Craftsmart Premium Chalky Paint and the color was linen. It was $1.99 at Michaels!


until next week, be chic and unique!

45 Summer Slow Cooker Recipes!!


No one has time to be in the kitchen this summer!
If it was just me, i could probably live on PBJs, salad, soup, cereal…you know what i’m talking about!
Men are expensive, but we don’t want them hangry.
Girl, if you are single with no children, you enjoy just buying food for yourself!!
This week’s chic life hack is a familiar favorite.

Slow cooker recipes!

Thank goodness for slow cookers… They really are a sweet little gift from heaven!
I found these delicious recipes through Pinterest and wanted to share this adorable blog with you!

Click here and get cookin’!

Escape the Heat with 45 Summer Slow Cooker Recipes

       Image from The Thriftiness Miss!

14 Beauty Hacks to Say NO to!

Hello Gorgeous!

As women, we do everything that we can to protect our skin, hair, and nails. (When possible – Can I get an amen?!)
With that in mind, Pinterest can be our best friend or our worst enemy. Girl, you know you have tried things….

If you are like me, you have had coconut oil in hand, slopped it all over yourself, and then enjoyed a slippery shower for the next two days. We have tried it all!

Some of these DIY Home beauty tips have worked and others have been epic fails!

So, Let’s make sure that you know which ones to watch out for.

Click here and be safe my beauties!

10 Ideas for the Chicest Desk Ever!

Chic desks are the best! Ladies – own your Space!

Garland (Style Me Pretty)


Pen Pots! (Torie Jayne)

Pen Pots

Gold Leaf Desk Accessories (Sweet Tea & Saving Grace)

Gold Leaf



Shabby Chic Bulletin Board (The Polka Dot Closet)


Framed Shelves (Shanty-2-Chic)


DIY Wall Gallery (Craft-o-Maniac)


Milk Glass for flower/pencil holders (LC Living)


DIY Painted Berry Baskets (Lovely Indeed)


Chic Drawer Pulls (Apartment Therapy)