The Rule of 3 & Paint Almost Free!

Hello Beautiful!

We all have those friends right?! The ones that were given the sparkly thumb (and sometimes a green thumb) So not fair! It’s like everything they touch looks fab!

Well, I think I have found one of their secrets, definitely nothing to do with keeping nature alive, but their sparkly thumb secret!


Basically, its grouping no more than 3 items together or only having a variety of 3. Thanks Home Economics. Seriously, that would have been something easy to tell us. Click HERE and be enlightened!

I gave it a try and it worked!! Below you will find my $34 creation. I told you we were Chic and cheap here! I did some budget shopping and got the basket, 3 vases, 3 sets of flowers, and this pitcher 70% off at Michael’s!
Go before the summer sale ends and get your 50% OFF COUPON!


NEXT – Improve a room for less than $2!

How? Paint! CHALK PAINT!

I took this shabby brownish red ladder and transformed it in 45 minutes!

Chalk paint can be a little pricey in big containers, but thankfully you can find it in 2 oz bottles. This is perfect for small crafts! Since I was going for the weathered look I just slapped it on. No need to be perfect, no sanding, no waxing. You can always sand and wax, but I liked the way it looked without it. If you are wanting to cover a piece completely you may want to grab 2 – 2oz bottles.

The brand I used was Craftsmart Premium Chalky Paint and the color was linen. It was $1.99 at Michaels!


until next week, be chic and unique!


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