5 Chic & Cheap Canvas Art Ideas!

Hi Ladies!

Canvas art is one of my favs!
check out these beauties below and let’s choose one to do together! Post your top choice in the comments!

After you have finished your canvas creation, be sure to share it with us on our Facebook page!

I can’t wait to see your chic work of art!

Doily Rub-on Canvas (Hambly Screen Prints)


Chic Chevron Nancy Ramirez inspired DIY (Refinery 29)


DIY Glitter Love Canvas (Hey Lauren Rene)


White Letters on White Canvas (The Thinking Closet)


DIY GALLERY ART (The sweet Survival)




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We have all had those “nailed it” moments. if you are like me, i pin everything and create nothing.
Why? i just feel like i could end up buying it cheaper.
that may or May not be true, but after watching a zillion Youtube videos (yes, a zillion!), it feels quite accurate.
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everyone wants their house to look chic, but ladies, YOU KNOW the struggle is real!

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